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What is Arthroplasty?

Athroplasty is a surgical procedure that restores joint function either by resurfacing the bones or by implanting an artificial joint (prosthesis). Our surgeons are highly experienced in arthroplasty procedures and realign or reconstruct dysfunctional joints relieving pain and restoring range of motion. Arthroplasty is used when medical treatments do not relieve pain. Osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease leads to a loss of cartilage that cushions the joint and is the most common reason for arthroplasty.

Types of Arthroplastic Surgeries

Joint Resection

In this procedure our surgeons remove a minimum portion of the bone to increase space between bones for easier motion and relieve stiffness. The joint is as stable as the amount of bone that is left and the ligaments that are preserved. So only a minimum is removed.

Interpositional Reconstruction

Surgeons reshape the joint and add a prosthetic disk between the bones forming the joint. The prosthesis can be made of plastic, metal, ceramic or body tissue. This prevents the bones from rubbing together. The length of hospital stay depends on the joint affected and is typically only for a few days.

Dr Bhupesh Karthik

MBBS, MS (Ortho), MCh (Ortho)

Executive Director and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

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Dr Santhosh T

MBBS, DIP (Ortho Surgery), MSc

 Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


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